Certificate Validity

Check the Validity of a Certificate

If you have found yourself on this page, your staff member has received a medical care or carer's certificate following an online consultation with one of the doctors at Prime Medic.

The benefits of this are:

  • Their consultation was carried out by an Australian-registered, certified medical professional.
  • No taxpayer money is used for the treatment. Medicare is not required.
  • Your employee did not expose themselves or the rest of your workforce to potential illness or infection by visiting a doctor's surgery/waiting room.

The certificate also confirms the following:

  • Although it was not necessary for your employee to visit a physical doctor's surgery or hospital s/he was unable to work.
  • The employee has spent their time away from work actively seeking treatment, recovering, or caring for someone.

Prime Medic cannot share the exact nature of the consultation due to doctor-patient confidentiality. However, you can check the validity of the certificate by entering the certificate's Reference Number and the Surname of the Patient in the form below.

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