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Leading Telehealth Doctor Services in Australia. Speak to a fully licensed telehealth doctor via video consultation.

Online Telehealth Appointments

At Prime Medic, we truly care about the physical and mental well-being of our patients. We're pleased to provide full telehealth services for this reason, along with bulk-billed telehealth appointments and specialist telehealth psychology. Our friendly platform shows how committed we are to your health by letting you book appointments with certified medical professionals from the convenience of your home at any time of your choice.

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Why Opt for Prime Medic TeleHealth Appointments

Easily Accessible Telehealth Services

Prime Medic uses telehealth technology to enable access to healthcare from almost any place. Through video consultations, patients can communicate with our skilled medical professionals without having to physically be present. This accessibility of telehealth makes sure that people are able to get high-quality healthcare services without being limited by travel time or distance, no matter where they are.


Telehealth Psychology

The goal of Prime Medic's telehealth psychology services is to manage mental health conditions through virtual sessions. Apart from getting personalised assistance and easy access to mental health services from their home or place of choice, individuals can conveniently speak with licensed psychiatrists about their mental health. You can schedule confidential appointments with our experienced telehealth psychiatrists in order to get yourself treated appropriately.

Telehealth Bulk Billed

We are happy to provide bulk-billed telehealth services at Prime Medic to make sure that the financial cost of your medical services is not a barrier. For deserving patients, you can take advantage of the affordability of top-notch medical care without having to make payments for it out of pocket.

Telehealth Medical Certificate

The Prime Medic telehealth services offer a simplified procedure in order to get a medical certificate. Patients are able to get the paperwork they require for their job duties or various other reasons without having to see the healthcare professional in person, which makes things more convenient and efficient.


Telehealth GP Services

Virtual appointments with general practitioners can be scheduled by patients by means of telehealth GP services. Prime Medic is encouraging accessibility as well as convenience through secure telehealth services by enabling people to get prescriptions filled, get medical advice, and get referrals without having to see a doctor in person.

Free Telehealth Appointments

Check eligibility for bulk billing and enjoy free telehealth appointments for qualifying consultations. In order to guarantee that everyone has access to high-quality healthcare, Prime Medic works to eliminate financial obstacles.

Telehealth Victoria

Anyone can easily use Prime Medic's telehealth services, regardless of where they are in Victoria—in Melbourne or the surrounding regions. Because of this accessibility of telehealth, people from all around Victoria are able to communicate with healthcare professionals for consultations related to their mental and physical well-being without worrying about where they live.

Multidisciplinary Telehealth Teams

Our telehealth services bring forth a team of healthcare professionals from various specialities. In order to deal with physical as well as mental health problems, this multidisciplinary strategy makes sure that the patients experience thorough treatment through the incorporation of varied areas of specialisation.

Remote Monitoring and Follow-ups

Prime Medic offers consultations in addition to remote monitoring services. Frequent check-ins and follow-ups can be beneficial for patients with persistent health conditions because they allow healthcare providers to keep track of their condition, adjust medication regimens, and provide ongoing support through telehealth services.

Health and Wellness Webinars

Prime Medic is enhancing its patient education program by regularly holding telehealth webinars. These seminars address a variety of health and wellness-related subjects and offer insightful commentary, practical guidance, and professional counsel to enable people to take charge of their general well-being.

24/7 Virtual Urgent Care

Emergency situations can strike at any time. In an effort to offer patients with peace of mind during the situations of emergency, Prime Medic provides 24/7 virtual urgent care services that enable people to communicate with healthcare professionals in real-time for right away medical attention as well as advice.

Video Consultation


Per Session

  • Save Time
  • Available Everyday
  • Including Prescription
  • Including Certificate

Effortless Prescriptions Renewals

At Prime Medic, we understand the importance of timely access to prescription medications for managing your health. Our Telehealth services extend beyond consultations to offer a seamless and convenient process for prescription renewals, ensuring you can continue your prescribed medications without interruption.

Telehealth for Second Opinions

Prime Medic understands the importance of informed decision-making. Our telehealth services enable patients to seek second opinions virtually, providing access to a network of specialised healthcare professionals who can offer additional perspectives on diagnosis and treatment options.


How to access Prime Medic Telehealth Services

Online Booking System

Use our user-friendly online scheduling system to make telehealth service appointments at a time and location that's convenient for you.

Bulk Billing Eligibility Check

Check to determine whether you are eligible for bulk billing in order to gain advantages from affordable telehealth services.

Secure Virtual Sessions

With our cutting-edge telehealth platform, you're able to safely communicate with our medical professionals while maintaining your privacy and confidentiality during online consultations.

Prime Medic's telehealth services emerge as a comprehensive, patient-centric healthcare solution that not only addresses current health concerns but also promotes proactive wellness and ongoing support through a variety of virtual means. Book your appointment with a healthcare professional now through Prime Medic.