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Our comprehensive tele-health service provides your team with immediate, round-the-clock access to doctors, accessible through any smartphone or computer.

Unlocking the Value of Virtual Care - Elevating Productivity Through Enhanced Healthcare.

In 2022, Australians sought GP consultations approximately 8.5 times on average within a year. Prioritize your employees' health by addressing healthcare concerns promptly, offering round-the-clock access to medical support from their homes, workplaces, or offices. Our online platform ensures easy accessibility, encouraging employees to seek medical advice whenever necessary in today's hybrid work landscape.

Unlocking the Benefits of Virtual Care - Minimizing Absenteeism While Prioritizing Convenience

Employee absenteeism averaged 10.5 days annually in 2022, and the associated annual cost per absent employee was estimated at $4,550. Embracing virtual primary care introduces heightened convenience through immediate, same-day video consultations, facilitating a quicker return of employees to work. Online medical consultations significantly reduce waiting times and eliminate travel time to a clinic during working hours, offering substantial advantages, particularly for employees managing family responsibilities or chronic health conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes.

Trimming Expenditures - Curtailing Costs Through Streamlined Access

Annually, Australia loses approximately 95 million workdays, resulting in an 8.5% loss in payroll. Opting for online doctor consultations not only saves time spent on travel and in waiting rooms but also provides the convenience of consultations conducted via smartphones, laptops, or other digital devices. By significantly reducing unnecessary absenteeism, the cost savings can remarkably accumulate over time.

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Virtual Care Services

Healable health issues
Acute Care
Acute Care
Rapid Access to Certified Doctors for Timely Recovery. We offer your employees prompt access to certified medical professionals for high-quality healthcare services and prescribed medication.
Chronic Care
Chronic Care
Our doctors remain accessible round-the-clock, offering guidance or specialist referrals for managing persistent health conditions.
Our virtual healthcare professionals can offer referrals to specialized services for sleep-related issues, chronic health concerns, pathology assessments, fertility matters, and beyond.
Health Advice for Women/Men
Health Advice for Women/Men
Our digital healthcare providers offer guidance on contraception and manage confidential issues such as urinary tract infections or erectile dysfunction.

Delivering Round-the-Clock Virtual Care

Accessible to employees and members throughout Australia, whether at home, in the workplace, or while traveling for business purposes

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